9" Round: $ 15.95 | Mini pies: $5.00

Personal Pies
Tortoise, Goldie, Dirt N Worms, Mississippi Mud, S'Mores, & Cookie Dough:  $5.00

Order Personal Pies in bulk for any celebration! (48 hour notice required)
1/2 Dozen- $26.00

Pie Flavors

Tortoise pie
our creamy vanilla custard blended with caramel, topped with pecans and drizzled with hot fudge. This sweet and salty confection is sure to satisfy any craving!

Raspberry Truffle pie
raspberry custard blended with fresh raspberries and finished with drizzled hot fudge. Will satiate the candy shop connoisseur.

Mississippi Mud pie
our rich chocolate custard blended with Reese's peanut butter cups and topped with a chocolate hard shell. A chocolate lover's fantasy!

Oreo Pie
think Oreos and milk is a delicious duo? Try Oreos and custard! Vanilla custard mixed with chopped Oreos is truly a crowd pleaser.

our creamy vanilla custard blended with Peanut Butter & Brownie , topped with drizzled hot fudge.

Dirt N Worms
our creamy vanilla custard blended with oreo, topped with oreo & Gummi Worms.

our rich chocolate custard blended with almonds & heath, topped with more of the delicious candy & nut mixture!

6" Round: $ 15.95
8" Round: $ 22.00
10" Round: $ 27.50 *
10" x 14" sheet : $ 38.00 *

Standard cakes: 1/2 Vanilla &  1/2 Chocolate with cold fudge & cake crunch in the middle with a homemade oreo crust.

Create-your-own cake: Your  choice of custard and toppings blended and layered with homemade oreo crust. *

* Please call and give us 24 hours to prepare your cake/pie
* 24 hr notice for 6,8 & 10 inch cakes
* 48 hr notice for 10x14 sheet cakes


Take Home:
Quarts: $ 6.00

Our "Take Home" Flavors!
Banana Creme • Black Raspberry (with Dark Chocolate Chunks) • Brownie Batter
Butter Pecan • Cake Batter • Cheesecake • Chocolate • Cotton Candy (seasonal) • Dark Chocolate
French Vanilla • Lemon • Mint Chip • Orange Dreamsicle • Raspberry • Strawberry • Salty Caramel
Peach • Pistacio • Pumpkin (seasonal)
• Vanilla (Regular) • 98% Fat Free Vanilla • Sugar Free Vanilla

Get Annies by the quart at these select locations!

DK's Market • 225 West State St • Hamel, IL 62046


Joe's Market Basket • 47 S Buchanan St • Edwardsville