Featured Concretes

Custard thickly blended w/ your favorite toppings:
Regular: $5.75
Large: $6.20
xtra toppings .65 (per topping)

The Goldie

-- peanute butter, brownie & fudge on top

Cappuccino Cooler
-- cappuccino, toffee & hard shell
Cherry Cordial

-- chocolate covered cherry, hard shell & cherries

Dirt & Worms

--Oreo & gummi worms


-- vanilla & chocolate custard, waffle bits, hard shell & crushed nuts

Emerald Chip
--hard shell & mint
German Chocolate

-- chocolate custard, caramel, pecans & coconut

Give-em S’mores

--graham crackers, chocolate syrup & marshmallow


--chocolate custard, Heath & almonds

Mud Slide
--chocolate syrup, Oreo & cappuccino
Rice Krispie Treat
--Rice Krispies & marshmallow
7th Heaven
--hard shell, pecans & marshmallow
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